I wrote the script for this arc over two years ago. And as I was setting up this scene, I noticed an eerie similarity with the conversation our community is currently trying to have with itself today. Just like Oni, when people are in pain, their responses are usually unpredictable. When every other method of healing has been attempted and exhausted, this is what is left. Not to spoil how the arc is going to play out, but my goal at the time when writing this was to have both characters right about their stances, and to show how difficult it is to talk to one another when their mind’s have already been made up. At the time, a conversation like this mirrored the ones I was having in my personal life so this is how I chose to express it. Now, it shares similarities with the Black community and our white neighbors. I’m in a different place in my life and view this story a little differently than how I originally drew it up however. I’m adding this little note to say that I’m aware of the context someone can run with but I implore you to stick with it. I’m rambling, so I’ll just finish up by saying thanks for reading and I’m just as interested as you are to see where things go next.