What is it about, you ask:

This story is about a man who sacrifices everything he has to save the World from villains only he sees. But the life of a martyr is less glamorous than one can imagine as Cory finds out. How can Cory vanquish his arch rival while battling the elements, hunger, and addiction? Stick around to find out.

The story will be updated every Wednesday and Friday.

About the Author:

My name is Duwain Edwards. I came up with Crackhead Cory when I started thinking about what would happen if one day I just dropped all my responsibilities to chase my “destiny” (whatever that is). I figured I’d end up homeless and addicted to crack in under a week; I took that premise and expanded on it as far as my mind could take it, and thus Crackhead Cory was born.

Portions of the comic are written by my Co-Writer, Jaylen George. Together we are the crack team (pun intended) that makes this series.

Contact me:

Feel free to contact me regarding the series and leave comments. The further I get in the series, the more inclusive of the fans I want this project to be.